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Julian's Cell / The Essence of Julian
And so I saw
that God is delighted to be our father,
and God is delighted to be ur mother,
and God is delighted to be our true spouse.
Christ is delighted to be our brother,
and Jesus is delighted to be our Saviour.
This Julian of Norwich Study is based on a unique new work of Dr. Ralph Milton. In The Essence of Julian he has freely translated the remarkable vision of this 14th century mystic from its medieval english (Julian was born the same year Chaucer was). In Julian's Cell he has created an historical novel based on the times and has created a most convincing characterization and a well constructed story. The two books belong together.
REVIEW OF "Julian's Cell: The Earthy Story of Julian of Norwich" by Ralph Milton
as reviewed by Wayne Holst and published in the Western Catholic Reporter
Books at Amazon   Julian's Cell   The Essence of Julian: a paraphrase of Julian of Norwich's Revelations of Divine Love
      Course Outline   
Purpose: Become acquainted with Julian of Norwich and her spirituality.  Apply discoveries made to daily living

1. To help participants come to better understand Julian in her original     context. Medieval England (1342 - approximately 1415)
2. To discover how Julian was shaped by and influenced her times and how she contributes to the spiritual life of our times.  An exercise in going back to the future.
3. To experiment with what might be termed womanist theology,  using Julian as a model of post-feminist thinking.
4. To learn more about the wisdom tradition of the Christian church  and how Julian contributes to this tradition.
5. To develop personal meditational practices based on the spiritual  writings of Julian.
6. To combine quality content sessions with a small group process that  encourages participant involvement leading to enhanced learning.

Five Key Themes of Julian:

1. God is love.
2. God desires union with us.
3. God is a mothering God.
4. Gods mothering nature is expressed through Christ.
5. Understanding more fully what is meant by her mantra: all shall be well.
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January 13
    Spiritual Setting - Julians Context - 1358; 1359; 1362 (Catherine, Jock and Wayne)
January 20
    Spiritual Setting - Julians Visions - 1373; 1374; 1375 (Jock and Wayne)
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January 27
    Her Spiritual Practice - Julians Socially Calamitous Times - 1381; 1383; 1394 (Wayne & Catherine)
February 3
    Her Spiritual Practice - Julians Legacy - 1413; 1414; 1415 (Catherine & Wayne)
February 10
    Overview of Her Visions - Sin, Prayer (Wayne & Catherine)
February 17
    Overview of Her Visions - Judgement; Anger; Forgiveness; Servanthood (Jock & Wayne)
February 24
   Expanding Her Visions - God and Christ as Mother (Catherine & Wayne)
March 3
    Expanding Her Visions - Fall/Grace; Julians Understanding of What God Wants Us to Know
    Summary of Themes (Jock, Catherine & Wayne).

Group Leader. Wayne Holst

I spent most of my life thinking like a church professional, rather than as a regular congregational member. My training as a pastor always had me asking myself 'how can I apply this discovery, insight, new information to a regular church setting?'

Often, clergy have been hesitant to share the discoveries they have made through a 'critical' approach to the Bible with their parishoners because they wonder how laypeople might accept it. I have found that many thinking laity are professionals in their own fields of endeavour and understand a critical approach very readily. What they seek are ways of relating faith to daily living.

I am grateful for the journey I have been taking through ordained ministry to teaching at the university and serving as a fellow layperson at St.David's United Church. Here we find that questioning and honest expression of our faith and doubt is readily accepted and supported.

Group Leader. Catherine Pace

Catherine Pace was born and brought up in the United Church of Canada. She spent the first 22 years of her life in Nova Scotia receiving her education before moving to Toronto to finish her theological training. The first 22 years within the United Church of Canada's paid accountable ministry were spent in various pastoral charges and the Conference Office in Saskatchewan. The last three years have been spent in Alberta.

Catherine brings to this course, her love of the church and her love for the people of the church. She believes in the value of the United Church being the church it is and loves to introduce people to the church which has held her heart and faith for many years. She finds the church a joy, a struggle, a challenge and a faithbuilding place to be,

Catherine brings her prairie, feminist, open, changing faith to this course and invites all into conversation.

Group Leader. Jock McTavish

I am a student and a poet, a democrat and a techocrat, an eclectic eccentric. I grew up in a loving Baptist community, so in my heart I'm still a Bible loving evangelical. As I grew in learning I found a new home in the United Church whose tolerance embraces the broadest range of Christian understanding. I most enjoy the illumination of our ancient traditions by modern scholarship. For they show in clear novel ways that the perspectives of the Special Ones were seldom the understandings of those that followed. They show all knowledge to be in relationship .

There seems a lack of understanding in our secular world for religious practices. The reasons why I still gladly - even necessarily - attend church are difficult to voice to those unfamiliar with church, or those injured by church. Elliott got it right. We find our way back to the place we started from. But with new understanding.
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January 19, 2003