Race Against Time:
Searching for Hope in AIDS-Ravaged Africa
The 2005 Massey Lectures - CBC, Anansi, U of Toronto, by Stephen Lewis
"I've been emotionally torn asunder by the onslaught of AIDS ...What I have attempted to do in these lectures is ... [renew the] ... development and humanitarian ethos.
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A delegation of folks led by Father Green of St John the Evangelist Anglican Church that are involved in projects in Malawi, visited our study group, and shared their experiences. Scanned below are the pamplhets and photographs.
The Bridge to Malawi project is led by Jordan Dowbush (phone/fax 263-8315; mobile 630-1219) , , http://www.bridge2malawi , Creating homes for orphaned children.
Bridge to Malawi
Mphatso Pure Water Project
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