What's So Amazing About Grace
by Phillip Yancey
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"The many uses of the word in English convince me that grace is indeed amazing - truly our last best word. It contains the essence of the gospel as a droop of water can contain the image of the sun. The world thirsts for grace in ways it does not even recognize: little wonder the hymn "Amazing Grace" edged its way onto the Top Ten charts two hundred years after composition. For a society that seems adrift, without moorings, I know of no better place to drop an anchor of faith.." ... from the Introduction
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Holy Manners The background on the phrase and why we have adopted it. The guidelines for our studies.
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"The Jesus I Never Knew"
"Soul Survivor - How 13 Unlikely Mentors Helped My Faith Survive the Church"
  Course Outline and Links to the 10 Session Pages
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0 Sep 20 Introductory Session. A night of introductions of people and the book
Notes - including Questions to Consider and Comments
1 Sep 27 Topic 1: "The Missing Ingredient: A Beautiful Word, A Powerful Concept
Part I: "How Sweet the Sound"
     Ch 1: The Last Best Word
     Ch 2: Babette's Feast: A Story
     Ch 3: A World Without Grace
Notes - including Questions to Consider and Comments
2 Oct 4 Topic 2: "Letting Grace Soak In: God's Love for the Undeserving
     Ch 4: Lovesick Father
     Ch 5: The New Math of Grace
Notes - including Questions to Consider and Comments
3 Oct 11 Topic 3: "An Unnatural Act: Extending Grace When You've Been Wronged
Part II: "Breaking the Cycle of Ungrace"
     Ch 6: Unbroken Chain: A Story
     Ch 7: An Unnatural Act
Notes - including Questions to Consider and Comments
4 Oct 19 Topic 4: "The Art of Forgiving: Responding With Grace When It Seems Impossible"
     Ch 8: Why Forgive?
     Ch 9: Getting Even
Notes - including Questions to Consider and Comments
5 Oct 25 Topic 5: "Skin-Deep: The Power of Grace to Penetrate Racism"
     Ch 10: The Arsenal of Grace Part III: "Scent of a Scandal"
     Ch 11: A Home for Bastards: A Story
Notes - including Questions to Consider and Comments
6 Nov 1 Topic 6: "Grace Put to the Test: Grace in the Face of Disagreement"
     Ch 12: No Oddballs Allowed
     Ch 13: Grace-Healed Eyes
Notes - including Questions to Consider and Comments
7 Nov 8 Topic 7: "Grace Abuse: Cheapening Grace and Robbing Its Power"
     Ch 14: Loopholes
Notes - including Questions to Consider and Comments
8 Nov 15 Topic 8: "The Church Backslides: How Legalism Corrupts Grace"
     Ch 15: Grace Avoidance
Part IV: "Grace Notes for a Deaf World
     Ch 16: Big Harold: A Story
Notes - including Questions to Consider and Comments
9 Nov 22 Topic 9: "Dispensing Grace: How Can We Do It?
     Ch 17: Mixed Aroma
     Ch 18: Serpent Wisdom
Notes - including Questions to Consider and Comments
10 Nov 29 Topic 10: "Counterforce: Grace Set Loose in the World"
     Ch 19: Patches of Green
     Ch 20: Gravity and Grace
Questions to Consider
Group Facilitator. Laurie E. Bennie

Laurie E. Bennie has been a part of St. David's since 1996 (Genesis Theatre Productions, choir, Youth Committee, Alpha Course facilitator, Adult Education Committee); she is a School Aide in English As A Second Language, a writer and lyricist, and Anglican Lay Reader, holding a B.A. in Religious Studies from the University of Calgary.

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Group Facilitator. Sherry Vera

Sherry Vera has been an Adult Educator for over 15 years. Prior to moving to Calgary in 2000, Sherry was very active in training women for leadership roles with Girl Guides of Canada. She is pleased to be able to share these skills with the ASDM committee at St. David’s. Sherry has been an active member of the Wed. night book studies for the past four years. She began as a participant in the Alpha program and has since “graduated” to facilitating studies with Laurie Bennie. Sherry is also very active in the Music Ministry at St. David’s and is a member of the Worship Committee. Sherry is most proud of her newest job as a Grandmother, to Victoria and by Feb. 2007 she will have a new grandchild to love.      EMAIL Sherry.    

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